ASAP Carries the Load with Plastic Pallets, Plastic Skids and Composite Plastic Crates

Our custom designed plastic pallets, plastic skids and composite plastic crates will withstand the punishment of moving heavy or expensive loads within a facility, across the country, or around the world—neither wood nor one piece molded plastic products are equal to ASAP products when moving heavy or expensive loads within the facility or over long distances.

From 30,000 pound loads of coil, sheet and plate metals, to pre-staged military logistical assemblies, to high value fiber optic cable; we’ve helped ship them—undamaged and secure—everywhere.

ASAP designs and manufactures modular custom plastic pallets, custom plastic skids and custom composite plastic crates from 100% recycled post-industrial, extruded polyethylene.

ASAP plastic pallets, plastic skids and composite plastic crates:

  • Custom: tailored to meet customer exact product specifications to include weight and job-specific load bearing requirements with no tooling charges
  • Technology Architecture: designed to utilize 100% post-industrial extruded recycled plastic and may include plastic sheeting, steel, aluminum or other rugged materials in order to meet customer requirements of obtaining a durable solution at the lowest price point
  • Repairable: built with mechanical fasteners for easy repair which makes the product low cost to maintain by having a modular repairable solution
  • Rugged: designed, tested and used in industrial environments demonstrating durability through years of use and abuse
  • Strong: tested and demonstrated use of accommodating dynamic loads of 30,000 pounds or more and static loads of 60,000 pounds or more
  • Green: constructed from 100% post-industrial, extruded polyethylene plastic and other materials that are recyclable
  • Clean: impervious to natural/man-made contaminants and easy to clean
  • MoneySaver: 100 times more rugged than competing products, our products pay for themselves
  • Ownership Options: our custom designed products are available for purchase, rent or lease

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“Winergy effortlessly converted to custom ASAP skids in our closed-loop manufacturing operation of large gearboxes. One of the ASAP custom designs allows our processes to flip a 3 ton part upside down. We are thrilled with the quality service, products and delivery time from ASAP. We highly recommend ASAP to companies that have a need to protect high value products from the rigors of their manufacturing systems.” Jay Huddleston

Senior Applications Engineer, Winergy Drive Systems Corp., a division of Siemens

“Macsteel has been using ASAP plastic skids in closed looped systems for transporting steel coil to Mexico since 2006. The skids performance has proved to be cost effective in eliminating the cost of purchasing wood skids as they fail and the cost of fumigation or IPPC required lumber. Because of this proven durability and cost savings, we have implemented ASAP plastic skids in other closed looped systems within our organization. The modular design was another savings, making it possible to configure multiple designs without the expense of tooling. For a durable heavy duty plastic skid or pallet, ASAP offers a great product with excellent service.” Keith D Hanzi

Product Engineer, Macsteel

GE Nozzle Crate — Custom Plastic Crate


Winergy Torque Arm Skid — Custom Plastic Skid


Siemans Pinion Skid — Custom Plastic Skid